Studio policies


Study and design of the entire graphic set and its declination on all materials, 3 rounds of structural and aesthetic modifications, 3 rounds of text modifications, handmade calligraphy of couple’s names & all the words necessary and digitization, monogram design, assembly of elements, study of the coordinated day-of and its declination on the various chosen supports.
Couples invest an average budget of from €1.000 for tailor-made invitations and an average of €1000 for day of stationery (excluding large format elements).
Yes of course, many couples come to us when invitations have already been sent. Kindly let us know if you’d like to keep the aesthetic consistent with the wedding suite (and provide an example) or you’d like something different.
If the date changes it won’t be necessary to draw up a new Quote and the signed document will prevail. In the event that, after a signed Quote but without any work started, the event is canceled, 30% of the signed document will be retained. In the event that, after a signed quote and work has begun, the cancellation of the event occurs, the payment of the supports developed up to that moment and their shipment will be withheld or requested (also the materials purchased for future processing, such as eg cards, envelopes, etc) along with a 30% of the signed document.
Yes, we have and we do. We love being able to offer our wedding paper services to US/international-based clients and are pleased to ship our stationery products worldwide.
Both! If you have a wedding planner we are happy to chat with her/him to work seamlessly in making everything coordinated. Some design require coordination also with florists and other professionals and we’re always eager to collaborate in order to make the event flawless.
We have intellectual property on every graphic design, monogram, calligraphy and illustration developed. The transfer of source files for external use will involve an extra cost equivalent to the need for use. You may not use digital materials we sent you in any other use, unless with written approval by us. If you have specific needs just ask us and we’d be happy to support you with the correct files.
Yes and we can decide together what customization our calligrapher can do in font of your guests (escort cards, or custom gifts or anything else you’d like); a transfer reimbursement will be calculated from Verona towards your wedding location and based on the distance a sleepover might be necessary.


To reserve your spot and enable us to buy the necessary materials, we ask for an advance payment of 50% the amount in the Quote. The other half will be paid the days before the wedding when the Final Balance is sent to you.

We invite non-EEA customers to make payments by relying on the platform which guarantees money movements without unwanted charges. In the case of money transfers to which taxes or other interbank costs of any kind are reduced, the Customer is requested to pay the gross sum (payment + expected tax). Otherwise, the difference will be requested in the Final Balance.

At this time we do not.

We make invoices for all the payments we receive, we kindly ask our couples to share the necessary information of the payee (Name, surname and address) within 15 day from the payment.

Lead Times

At least 8 months prior to your event if it’s local, between 9 to 10 months if it’s a destination wedding (and your guests have to book flights and accommodation).
At least 5 months prior to your event.

The process we will follow together is made of 3 steps: quote, design & production. The quote will be drafted in 3-4 business days and will be reviewed to your needs, as many times you need. Once the advance payment is made and the Quote signed, the design process can start. We will share with you the first drafts within 10 working days and then you can make 3 layout revisions and 3 wording changes: this really depends on your quickness of response and takes usually between 3 to 6 weeks. After this, you will sign the Print Acknowledgements that authorize us to move to production, which takes 30 to 45 working days. Then we ship everything and timing on this depends on your location.

Please find here the full process.

Process FAQ


Our business stands out for the desire to create completely tailored wedding suites; in fact, you will not find pre-packaged models in which to change only the info but everything is designed only and exclusively for our couples, modeling it on your needs and tastes. On the other hand, every couple and love story is unique, and it is our belief that this uniqueness also shines through in the coordinated graphic.
Since every design suite is unique to their couple, supplies for materials are made on a per-request basis, which makes it impossible to provide printed proofs on the chosen papers. On the other hand, our digital proofs represent very precisely the textures, color and final output of the stationery. We also share a Print Acknowledgement which contains a 1:1 sized proof that our couples can print at home to have a better understanding of sizing.
Yes we can provide print-ready files and digital save the dates, ask us for a quote. We strive to follow the design process from A to Z, even in the digital realm, making sure everything comes out as expected.
Yes and we design it so that it’s fully coordinated with the printed elements.
We can take other designs as inspiration and starting points, but we wouldn’t like our designs to be copied so we strive not to do this to other designers. We have intellectual property on every design we make, and so do other designers 🙂

Print & Production

The minimum delivery times are 30 days from the date of the signed and completed Print Acknowledgement in all its parts. In the case of handwritten elements or special processing elements, the minimum delivery time is 45 days. The times indicated do not include any shipments.
Due to the handmade and ad hominem nature of our work, we do not want to compromise the quality of our products and services. Occasionally we are able to speed up production and you will be updated on the possible timings; a 20% rush fee will incur.
You will be charged for the elements confirmed in the Print Acknowledgements. If this quantity is different from the one initially quoted, yes, you can change the quantities, because at the end of the process we will create a Final Balance in which we’ll remove or add everything that has not actually been created. If the quantity changes after signing the Print Acknowledgements, unfortunately you will be charged with all the elements.


Yes, this service has a flat cost of €40 to which the individual shipping costs must be added, which vary according to size, weight, delivery times and destination.
This really depends on your location and urgency. Parcels within Italy (islands and Calabria excluded) usually arrive in 48/72h. European parcels usually arrive in 7 working days, while extra EU parcels take between 10 to 20 business days. Customs fee may apply. Please note the estimated times are purely indicative and do not guarantee delivery by the date communicated. Any receival of the materials after the expected date, caused by delays depending on the carrier chosen for the shipment, does not exclude the customer from paying for the material. The full amount, indicated in the estimate and / or final balance, of the materials produced by Pink Ink Studio will be remunerated.
Yes, all of our parcels are insured as they’re very precious!
From the moment the package is delivered to the courier, we disclaim any liability for delays, loss, tampering or any damage. The total or partial reimbursement of missing packages is at the discretion of the individual shipping companies and we decline to shipping companies any responsibility for the refund procedure. If there is enough time, we can make a super rush order and produce once again the lost material. This will be fully charged to the customer.
Big format panels that can be shipped will be sent to the wedding location, in agreement with the location manager, separately from small sized stationery; we can agree that elements that need to be assembled in place will be taken there by our staff. Once materials have been delivered, it is the responsibility of the couple to either take elements home or have them disposed of.